About us

In the early 90s I came to Colorado, and I began to venture into the mountains to climb peaks and to backpack to alpine lakes for fishing and exploring. I usually carried a camera to record the memories from each trip. As I spent more and more time in the mountains, I gained a deeper appreciation for nature’s beauty, and treasured those moments when I was at the right place at the right time to witness nature at its best. By the mid 90s, the desire to capture on film the beauty that I saw in nature became just as important to me as the climbing and the backpacking itself.

Spending time in nature has an effect that opens me up and allows me to see great beauty where otherwise I would not have noticed. When I connect with nature and clear my mind of the normal distractions of life, I not only become rejuvenated and refreshed, I also become a better photographer.

In 1998, my wife Michelle and I founded Les Moore Photography to share my vision of the beauty and spirit of nature. Our images are marketed for stock use and are also sold as framed and unframed fine art prints. Most of my images are taken with a 4X5 inch large format camera, providing excellent sharpness and detail, even in very large prints.

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