2019 Year In Review

As 2019 draws to a close we are thankful for the blessings we enjoyed this year and for the new opportunities that lay ahead for 2020. While it was a trying year in one way, 2019 was also a year of successes in our personal lives, our health and in our business.

After more than 20 years of living a full, happy life our cat Patches passed on the evening of October 8th – the eve of Yom Kippur. She did not suffer and things went very quickly and smoothly at the end, which was a real blessing for Patches and for us. Her being with us the last year or so was an unexpected blessing, thanks in part to the daily fluids, special home-cooked diet and finely tuned supplementation and medication regimen we provided for her. She was a sweet little trooper, always pulling through the rough spells quickly and in good spirits.

The big bright side of Patches’ passing is the opportunity to travel again, especially trips with the two of us together. Most of 2019 we were pretty much home bound caring for Patches, but we have already begun to make plans for some longer trips. We look forward to seeing more of our family and friends again!

In mid October we visited Ocean Shores WA together for a night – it was our farewell trip for Patches and the beginning of a bright new stage in our lives. We watched the sun set into the Pacific and Les enjoyed the best pancakes he’s ever had at Ocean Beach Roasters & Bistro. In late October we enjoyed a two-night trip to see the Columbia River and North Cascades highway, staying in Wenatchee WA. The North Cascades treated us to bighorn sheep, towering glacier clad peaks and Michelle got to see larch trees for the first time, with their needles in full Fall golden glory.

Michelle continues to be blessed with positive results in her health journey, through a combination of metabolic nutritional typing, customized diet changes and a successful supplement and detoxification regimen. She is looking better, feeling better and has more energy and stamina than she’s had since the mid 90’s.

Les enjoyed some fun day hiking and a few one-night backpack trips in 2019. He’s looking forward to more trips into the hills in 2020, especially a few longer trips. His part time custom backpack business did well this Spring and Summer. He’s made 18 backpacks so far with plans for more this winter season.

Business has been doing better this year with the help of some new strategies and products. Our health and wellness websites took a big hit in 2018, losing over 90% of our traffic after Google started censoring holistic and natural health information. Despite this setback, our new e-courses, books and supplement products have been doing well and should continue to expand through next year.

Basically, Google is now financially partnered to big Pharma. Any health information outside of mainstream medicine and drugs has been demoted or completely removed from Google search results. Very popular, authoritative and science-based holistic doctors and their websites can no longer be found using Google search, unless you already know their name and search directly for them. Google also censors news, scientific, political, social and other information that they deem is best for you not to know. The days of believing that Google is unbiased are over. Google used to show you information based on popularity and helpfulness, but now you only see what Google feels is best for you to know. If you want unbiased health or other information on the internet, be sure to use other search engines like or

Below are a few photos and videos from 2019 – we hope you enjoy them!

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